Scuba Diving: Made of carbon, aluminum, brass and stainless steel, the actiontwister™ works in saltwater and is easy to clean in a fresh water bath! The diver has always been directly behind the camera unless he had an action camera on a selfie stick. With the actiontwister™ he reaches gently between corals, through shipwreck hatches or in moraine caves, in which he could not enter without dangerous use for humans and animals. Follow with the camera every aquatic creature easier. Fishes are much less fragmented and depending on the species, they even play with the camera! steadyPET: The world's first underwater steadycam balances your camera mechanically. All you need is a PET bottle, which you will find everywhere. This way, you can save on transporting weight when traveling and especially during outdoor shoots, where you have to hike for a long time. Zum Shop! NO electronics: Underwater electronics can only be controlled with much more effort. That's why this should only be in the camera. You just have to take care of your air and the camera underwater. Washing: The most important thing that needs to be done after each dive. Like all other mechanical parts which go underwater, the actiontwister™ has to be thoroughly cleaned. The actiontwister™ is designed so that the water gets in everywhere, but also flows out again! Therefore, immediate cleaning in a water bath is not only the most efficient, but also mandatory. We do not guarantee any salt water damage ! We recommend to supply the joints with plenty of oil, so that no salt crystals arise.
Contact: rutz produktionen GmbH Schlossstrasse 51 D - 14059 Berlin +49 30 3265219
Fazit: Der actiontwister bietet unterwasser perfekte Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Das Wasser stabilisiert die Bewegung und die Fische spielen mit der Kamera - ein Multitool für Scuba-Filmer!