More fun with more camera angles, pans and perspectives. Shoot everything around you in one take and produce entire camera movements! The actiontwister ™ is the solution. Your videos will be more trendy and professional than ever before! With its ¼ inch screw, the actiontwister ™ fits all available action camera brands. Your imagination controls the actiontwister ™. In a short amount of time many different camera angles of view can be filmed. This is important when there is just little time given to get attractive material for a lively, eye-catching video clip.
Marvin Pelny Finally a device that allows me to film in very short time many different camera angles and enough editing material for an attractive video production. This invention allows me to minimize my technical preparations so I can focus on filming. When I'm shooting sports or action, I can get very close to the actors without disturbing them with my equipment. The actiontwister ™ is a device for completely new types of video shootings and without big financial efforts. I film with the following equipment:     Model: actiontwister ™ and prototype 2012-2015     Cameras: GoPro Hero 4/3 + black edition     Mode: 1080p, 50-90 fps, super wide angle, pro tune off     Filmed at: Travel, Sports, Sightseeing     Sports: cycling, rafting, rowing     Vehicles: Car, Train, Bicycle, Segway Marvin is a photo and videographer living in Vienna and produces advertising and corporate films with his  partners:
PRESSE: 1kindphotography, USA: We first heard of the actiontwister at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC back in October 2014. It was a very unique item that was being displayed at the FLM booth but was a demo/prototype unit. Finally, it can become a reality and in your hands. The actiontwister is hand controlled and can control the tilting and rotation of your camera...Read more! B & H, USA: Just before I headed off the exhibition floor, something caught my eye. A man had what looked like a monopod strapped to his arm with a GoPro mounted on the other side. I walked over to find out that this is the new Actiontwister from FLM, a German company known for its tripods and ball heads. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the operator was controlling the pan and tilt of the GoPro with a joystick, so I asked what kind of battery the Actiontwister runs on, only to be surprised by the fact that it is fully mechanical. At first, that might seem strange but, with the realization that no electronics means it can function anywhere, even underwater, it made perfect sense. Read more and scroll down! Trendinc, USA: The actiontwister™ gives us unique possibilities of panning, tilting and rotation... VIDEO AKTIV, Germany: The German company FLM from Emmedingen is launching an ambitious project on Indigogo: the "Actiontwister" or "Selfie-Stick 2.0" is a sort of one-hand camera crane for the actioncam ... read more! Foto Hit, Germany: The first moving, one-armed camera arm for action cams is in the march: With the actiontwister you show how with a gun on the film to be filmed and with the fingers on the "trigger" you can control the tilt of the camera ... Read more!
Actiontwister ™ - a versatile device: - rotation: 360 ° horizontal, 180 ° vertical - radius: width 5-6 m and height 3-4 m - extension: length 70-180 cm - works under water - weight: 980 grams (without camera) Fast setup: In seconds the actiontwister™ is either a single-arm camera crane, a steadycam, a gimbal carrier, a mobile camera crane or an extremely flexible underwater tool for divers. No electronics: The filmer has unlimited possibilities when there is no electricity or no electronics can or does not want be used. Extreme flexibility: With the anatomical rotation of the arm you can reach additional camera angles for an interesting video cut. Scuba Diving: Made of carbon, aluminum and stainless steel, the actiontwister™ does work in salt water and is easy to clean in a water bath! So far the diver was always right behind the camera when holding it, except when he had an action camera on a selfie-stick. With the actiontwister™, he takes a careful distance between corals, through ship's hatches or in morainic caves into which he now can reach without creating dangerous moments for  the corals, the animals and himself. With the camera on the actiontwister™ you can follow more easily any water species. These are much less harmed and depending on the kind of species, they even play with the camera! Not a drone, but…: Similar to a drone in low flight you do reach a height of more than 4 meters with the full length of the actiontwister™(1.80 m) . Wherever drones are not allowed to fly (for example in concerts) the actiontwister™ offers a perfect replacement and a large range of possibilities with an action radius of 5-6 meters. (15-18 feet) Steadycam: Just turn the head 90 ° forward and fix it with a regular screw. With the mountable 2-axis handle and the very low center of gravity of the now hanging actiontwister™ we created one of the most stable mechanical steadycams. Gimbal: The actiontwister™ is the first telescopic extension on which an electronic gimbal does fit. With the ergonomic handle you gently control the gimbal very slowl or very fast (right and left). Slowmotion: Extensions of the control levers enable new slow-motion movements. Control the camera slower and smoother than an electronic movement! Fixed mobile camera crane: The actiontwister™ can be attached to your hip- belt and your shoulders and now it can be held in the air for a very long time. The camera is fixed horizontally with a simple movement. During sporting events or open-air concerts, you can film above the audience or obstacles and you will always have a continiously elevated camera position.
The actiontwister ™ does not need batteries that shorten the filming time: no charging of batteries: it always works. In less than 10 seconds, the actiontwister ™ is ready to shoot at any length of the telescope. The actiontwister ™ is a lightweight and very stable despite the length of the telescope. Small screens, such as mobile phones or tablets, can be easily installed with an additional holder. The thumb controls the vertical movement and the index finger and the middle finger the horizontal movement (ri/le). The steering wheels have several screw openings so that the control can be individualized and adjusted for each hand size. Many considered that the actiontwister ™ is not stable enough: NO PROBLEM! Every commercial action camera gimbal can be mounted on the actiontwister ™ without any problem: either on the handrail (thereby double stabilized) or on any extension of the telescope!
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Conclusion: The actiontwister™ offers many new applications to amateur and professional filmmakers. It is a new device - a multi-tool for action camera filmmakers!